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VoiceMethods Health Care Translator

VoiceMethods Health Care Translator

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  • Insufficient knowledge of languages is a consistent obstacle even in situations where both parties want to understand and be understood. Until recently, there were two ways of solving this problem: learn the language or hire a translator. With the arrival of VoiceMethods , there is a third option. This solution based on Ectaco - Partner software and is capable of recognizing (understanding) your phrase out of a customer-defined expandable vocabulary. It can confirm the meaning if needed, and translates it into another language.

    The VoiceMethods technology platform allows complete flexibility in creating your own vocabulary, is capable of working in noisy conditions and uses proven, market-tested Ectaco technology.

    The VoiceMethods platform is an efficient, speaker-independent, compact, stand-alone or embedded speech processing technology allowing effective multilingual communications.

    The platform's engine is designed to allow rapid high-quality recognition and translation of several thousand sophisticated voice-commands - in separate words or entire phrases.

    VoiceMethods® Building Blocks

    • Noise-insensitive front-end reception allows effective speech recognition virtually anywhere where communication is possible.
    • Scalable, high-quality phoneme databases make high quality speech recognition of any language or dialect possible.
    • Language and Speaker independent SR-engines allow rapid development of SR for any language without quality loss. Our mathematical know-how allows us to achieve 98% accuracy in real time, even on handheld units.
    • Phrase semantics recognition technology that uses a sophisticated grammatical statistical apparatus allows us to analyze phrases to be recognized for grammatical correctness.

    With truly low resource requirements, Ectaco - Partner may be built into virtually any system: PDA, cell phone, toy, GPS, remote control, helicopter firearm control, etc.

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