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VoiceMethods Health Care Translator

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Partner M4 Communicator
(One-way phrase-based voice translator)

When police officers control a suspect or a crowd, or firefighters want to communicate with people in a burning building, they need a reliable tool capable to convey their messages and commands clearly - with the right words, in a confident voice and appropriate language.

Partner M4 Communicator is the tool that provides all the required capabilities: powerful sound, carefully chosen commands prerecorded in a confident and clear voice and a wide selection of languages.

From: English To: Spanish / Chinese / Russian / Arabic

Speech Recogntition

Partner M4 Phrases Examples:

Don't move! Freeze!
Turn around, slowly. Stop!
Lie down!
Lift your arms!
Come here, Drop the weapon!
Drop the gun!
Hands on your head!
Raise your hands!
Hands up!
Hands in the air!
You're surrounded!
Turn off the engine!
Get out of the car!
Get out of the way!
Move it!
Leave that alone.
Don't touch that.
Don't go near that.
Leave the building now.
Turn around.
Drop it.
Pick that up.
Move away from the door.
Up against the wall!
Up against the fence!
Do you hear me?
Break it up!
Les the hostages go!
Leave one by one!
Don't shoot!
Stop shooting!
Don't move or I'll shoot!

Partner M4 Communicator is created by professionals in cooperation with army, police, and coast-guard officers and can be used by:

The Military for:
Training ship
boardings and inspections
Peacekeeping operations

Government and Low Enforcement for:
Police and fire departments
Customs inspectors and borders patrols
Coast Guard inspections and security

Partner M4 Communicator provides:

  1. Words and phrases chosen by professionals. You can be sure that all commands are carefully chosen, appropriate, and based on the real life experience.
  2. Commands prerecorded in a calm and confident voice. When you try to control a potentially dangerous situation, it's too easy to get emotionally involved. Even if your behavior doesn't show it, your voice might. When you use prerecorded commands, you get them in a steady, clear voice that manifests both confidence and power and has a reassuring effect on everybody.
  3. A wide selection of foreign languages. With M4 you can chose a target language from the wide selection: English or Arabic, Spanish or Chinese. You will have commands in the language your need with English translation displayed.
  4. A wide selection if scenarios. An appropriate string of carefully chosen commands is available for a wide range of situations.
  5. Your Partner M4 can be customized to meet your specific needs. Your can specify a set of languages, a set of commands, etc.

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