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VoiceMethods Health Care Translator

VoiceMethods Health Care Translator

Linguistic Databases
To create the most complete and contemporary dictionary databases in over 50 languages, we employ experienced professional linguists who are native-level in their respective languages. They combine their expertise with a variety of up-to-date and authoritative sources to create reference works with the most comprehensive content, including the latest colloquialisms and slang.

Authentic Voice Output

Sound wordlists for European and Asian languages, each wordlist recorded by a professional native voice talent with a high sound quality and distinctive pronunciation; sound format: .pcm, 44100 Hz, mono, 16 bits; .wav or .mp3 formats available upon request.
Downloads available here

Samples of linguistic database with human pronunciation

Multilingual database with English as a source language, contains translations into main 39 European and Oriental languages voiced by native speakers. The database provides translations into all of these languages, sound files of high quality and transcriptions where required.
A small sample of the database is available here.

Voice Phrasebook

The multilingual Voice Phrasebook containing over 6,000 phrases provides translation and interpretation of many common expressions between English and most major European and Oriental languages.
Downloads available here

Word Lists

Word Lists include the commonly used words as well as medical, technical, law etc. terms.
More info

Bilingual dictionary databases

Bilingual bidirectional databases contain about 400,000 entries each. They are organized to secure quick two-way translation between the given languages when built into devices or machine translation systems. Source words can have more than one translation. More info

Multilingual dictionary databases

Multilingual databases with English as a source language. They are organized to secure quick translation between any of the given languages when built into devices or machine translation systems, the source word being translated into all present languages simultaneously. More info
Explanatory dictionary databases

Explanatory dictionaries include the commonly used words and expressions with their explanations More info

Specialized dictionary databases

English-Russian specialized databases containing specific industry terms. These databases do not include the commonly used words and expressions that are presented in our unabridged English-Russian dictionary database. More info
Speech Corpuses

We've created these corpuses not for academic purposes, but for the development of business solutions. Any developer of speaker-independent Polish and/or Russian speech recognition systems may acquire them to help achieve their goals. The corpuses may be used to create automated call centers, voice-operated e-mail access systems, voice dialing systems and more. More info

Machine Translation (MT) tools

We have developed an unique Machine Translation (MT) tools. These may be implemented in a wide variety of solutions:
  • To create all types of search engines
  • To create or improve MT systems
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