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VoiceMethods, LLC specialists have developed an online dictionary SMS-server. With the aid of this resource, you can translate any word from English into Russian or from Russian into English.

How the program operates:
  • Click on GO if you want to start the emulator.
  • In the "Enter word" field, enter the English or Russian (transliteration or Cyrillic) word to be translated. Cyrillic may be entered using the PC keyboard, and transliteration may be entered using the PC or emulator keyboard.
  • Confirm the entered word - Click on OK
  • Confirm the number of the SMS center at EDC - Click on OK
  • Read the translation. If necessary, use the "UP/DOWN", "NEXT" keys.
  • To re-enter a word, click on CANCEL.


List of proposed language pairs:

Click here to see the list of our linguistic databases
100,000 entries on average; exact figures for specific language pairs will be provided on demand.
Additional functions:
Support of transliteration into Latin symbols for nonlocalized devices as well as processing of nonlatin symbols for localized devices.
Latin symbols are transferred in ASCII coding, nonlatin symbols in 16-bit Unicode.
Automatic detection of whether a device is localized or nonlocalized; automatic determination of the translation direction for an entered word.
Technical specifications:
Platforms: Solaris/Linux+Apache+Oracle+Java
Low-level SMSC communication protocol - TCP/IP
High-level SMSC communication protocol - EMI

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