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Update: Wireless products to star at CES

Finally, look for some buzz to be created by a new handheld device called the Universal Translator that integrates sophisticated speech recognition technology. Sold by New York City-based Ectaco, the $250 Universal Translator recognizes hundreds of spoken phrases from 14 categories including everyday conversation, restaurants and health and translates them between English, French, Spanish and German. Universal Translator is small enough to be carried in a coat pocket or purse, and it's even small enough to wear around your neck.

If you're a business traveler who could take advantage of a Universal Translator, but you don't want to buy or carry another device, Ectaco sells a version of the speech recognition and translation software for Pocket PC devices. It costs $100 for French, Spanish and German translation, and $80 if you want to translate between just English and one other language. If you can get by without speech recognition, Ectaco also sells translation dictionary software for both Palm and Pocket PC devices, which starts at $50.


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